Minister Ersoy, Antalya spoke: The first step is to change the mindset

Minister Ersoy, Antalya spoke: The first step is to change the mindset

Minister Ersoy, Antalya spoke: The first step is to change the mindset

Belek Ela Quality Resort is participating in the meeting held AKTOBE Mehmet Nuri Ersoy Promotion Agency of the reasons that the reasons for establishing the Agency told the pros and Turkey to be granted to tourism.

AKTOBE President made the opening speech of the meeting, Dr. Erkan Oiler, Turkey and discussed the latest developments and expectations in the tourism sector in the world.

Erkan Yağcı: Specific gravity of institutions is important

Turkey institution in all developments and changes in the tourism, associations and Oiler which emphasized the importance of unity, "Our goals is great, will do more. Specific gravity of institutions is important in this process. We'il be missing, but we'il figure this out together. However, we have to offer and find realistic suggestions while solving. With this logic, the Promotion Agency is the job of all of us, including everyone. We have to walk with a team work. ”

'' Tourism master plan will be announced this year ''

Erkan behind the Oiler, industry assessments contained Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, recalling Turkey's 2023 tourism target "the end of September a 'tourism master plan' will explain. How to achieve the objectives described here; region, product, operation, will explain in detail on the basis of promotion. We need to prepare the structuring to reach these figures, "he said.

'Things that need to change to jump'

Pointing out the need for a serious leap in tourism, Minister Ersoy said, “Yes, digital development was very important. We will continue this quantitative development, surpassing the number of 51 million tourists this year. But we also focus on qualitative change at the same time and together. After that, we need to turn to high-income tourists. But we must emphasize that we will not give up our existing tourist potential. After that, we will put qualified tourists to our priority goal. ”

'' The first step is to change the mindset ''

Minister Ersoy underlined the need to walk to new goals together as one body and one voice without giving up the gained things. Because we do supply-oriented tourism, including tourism Antalya in Turkey beginning until today. Now we have to move to a demand-oriented approach and meet the needs in the market. ”

''Second step; Changing the point of view ''

Minister Ersoy, who explained the second pillar of change as ‘perspective dı, emphasized that developing and changing tourism development policies should be considered as income-oriented and cost-oriented perspective should be left.

At this stage, the problem that should be asked; “Overnight, how much we have earned per person, söyleyen said Ersoy,‘ ’Here we are introducing the Promotion Agency as a requirement of these fundamental changes,” he said.

'' Third step: Master Plan ''

Emphasizing that it is vital to be planned in this process of change, Minister Ersoy said, “It is now necessary to move away from daily policies and move to long-term and sustainable permanent policies. The tourism master plan that we will announce at the end of September is an important pillar of this change and planning. ”

'' Fourth step: Branding and finding its value ''

Saying that one-to-one protocols will be made with all ministries on this issue, Minister Ersoy pointed out that when these are completed, the fourth step would be branding, “If you want to sell a product to the value it deserves, you need to brand. The more you brand, the more you can pull up the price. In other words, you will make intense publicity and it must be sustainable and uninterrupted. That's what the Agency will do, "he said.

'We have to be different from those who succeed'

During the meeting, Minister Ersoy answered the criticism about the Tourism Development Agency and said that there are such agencies in all countries with high tourism income in the world. Minister Ersoy pointed out that the countries that make the best tourism have a global airline and tourism development agency, and they have launched flights to 70 destinations with THY to reach qualified tourists. Stressing that this will be 500 points in 2023, “We are also meeting with SunExpress Airlines. We solved the global airline shortage, the rest is Tourism Development Agency. This is not something we invented. The Italians first founded it in 1919. Our key competitors are 30-35 years ago. So we started behind, but we have to do better, "he said.

Her Let every segment plan, unite and give members'

Tourism Development Agency's 15-person board of directors, 4 public and 11 people will be selected from the private sector, Minister Ersoy said, “The board will meet at least 4 times a year. An executive committee, which is fully professional and will not contain any civil servants, will prepare all the promotional policies and activities to be implemented throughout the year and will be implemented with the approval of the board of directors.

'' There are discriminatory approaches ''

Minister Ersoy argues that some discriminatory approaches have been put forward in the use of agency resources.