Mehmet Ersoy Promotion Agency and TÜRSAB about 1618 uploaded

Mehmet Ersoy Promotion Agency and TÜRSAB about 1618 uploaded

Mehmet Ersoy Promotion Agency and TÜRSAB about 1618 uploaded

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, who came together with the tourism sector in Antalya, made statements regarding the Law on Promotion Agency.

Promotion and marketing is no longer the work of travel agencies

Nur There are no agencies marketing tourism in the law tı Mehmet Mehmet Nuri Ersoy once again gave the same response to the criticism of the agencies:

Ak ak If we do it in the world of 20 years ago, I accept that. Until the 2000s, the promotion and marketing of tourism travel agencies, I accept this. But after the 2000s, promotion and marketing is not the work of travel agencies. Promotion and marketing is the job of professionals who have mastered new communication methods, can use new technologies very well, and who have mastered digital media. We still do not break it, do not be upset, his voice is too much, the sound of it is missing the logic of the realities of the world if we close our ears are the points we have come and future. We want to grow, we want to advance, we want to come to the way we deserve from our competitors. Then we will take a break from burning, we will be brave, we will take steps, we will come to the place we deserve together. ’’

Yasa yasa The law that TÜRSAB said ‘I prepared it in consultation with everyone ...’ ’’

Hamid Kuk, owner of Passo Tour, asked two questions to Minister Ersoy. Kuk asked if the ministry's publicity budget should be included in the Agency's budget and when will the law be enacted. Hamit Kuk, the Assembly went on vacation before the law reminded.

Ersoy stated that the promotion budget of the Ministry will be added to the Agency budget and answered the question:

Sa sa 1618 didn't feel the way we wanted. There are some problems in the law. There are some parts that need to be corrected. We continue to discuss these with other stakeholders. We saw whether the law, which TÜRSAB said alone danış I consulted and sent everyone ‘, was consulted to everyone. Our preparations for him continue, but it will be released this year. ’’

- Is he coming out in October?

This year will be released ...